Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heeee'sss Baaa-aaaacckk...

Apparently, our favourite Canadian feral mutant with the healing factor returns to the world of comics in Wolverine # 304.

That's right: Wild Child!

I hear he only appears in two panels (yes, thanks to the boards at for setting me on to this information!).

That is all i know for now, but when i get my hands on the issue I will be sure to fill in some more details (and hopefully scan some images, too).

btw, has anybody NOT heard that Northstar is getting married to Kyle? Well, he is. They are. Being an AF blog, I thought I should at least mention this, although Northstar (by me) is considered more of an X-Men character than an AF character, as he only seems to belong to AF when they are in a currently-running series.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Fun Times!

Gonna have some fun with this post, Pinning Down Some Ages , over at . At the same time, doing some valuable research!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

ask and receive

I know, i have all been asking me, "When the heck are you going to finish your reviews of the Alpha Flight maxi-series?"

What? You haven't been? Oh.

Well, you SHOULD have been asking me that, then!

Even if nobody else is wondering, I know that i am.

Like all of you, i have no real answer to that question, though. First, I'm a bit lazy, a bit tired, a bit busy. Plus (or second, for those of you numerically inclined), I am worried that now that the maxi-series is completed, my reviews will just show my disgust at AF no longer being published. I would hate to take out my Marvel-frustration on Greg and Fred nd Dale and others who are innocent of all charges.

One day, i will finish the reviews. When my lethargy goes away, my anger subsides, and i feel less jaded.

Until then, Alpha Flight lives on in all of us.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

My Newest Comics, AF related

If you check out the thread at this link, , you can look for me [ Flightpath 07 ], drop me a wave or a 'howdy', and read about the new (to me) classic Alpha Flight appearance comics i just purchased! 21 comics in all! I'm so excited, i just can't wait! Thank you, ! And, thank you


at ! My big help from down under! Rock it, bro!