Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New News [ At Last ! ] ...

At last, I bring you some Flight news.

Two things of interest happening in March of 2008...

- Marvel Adventures Iron Man # 11 features an appearance by Canada's Superteam, Alpha Flight. Obviously, this does not take place in the "normal" Marvel Universe, but at least it is an Alpha Flight appearance, at last!

- A new series debuts. Entitled Wolverine: First Class, this comic starts out telling previously untold tales of Wolverine (with his partner, Kitty Pryde). The adventures take place in the time of Alpha Flight's very first appearance in the X-Men comic, and we have been promised that Alpha Flight will play a part in the first 8 issues of this series.

On a side note, I was made aware of something by a Post-Mate of mine from, mainly that both of these comics were being written by the same person.
Interesting...Could we be sending out feelers for a return of our beloved Alpha Flight?