Thursday, January 29, 2009

newest of the rumours

Okay, so there is finally something worth writing...

In a recent issue of Mighty Avengers, Omega Flight made an appearance, apparently for all of one panel. Wouldn't you know it, they died!

Yes, i AM quite serious, actually.

Rumour has it that the Scarlet Witch is involved, so any deaths that happen (apparently Captain America died in this issue again, as well as some other prominent heroes) will probably be overturned within a month or two.

Omega Flight that died consisted of Sasquatch, Arachne, Pointer ( I REFUSE to call him Guardian - and i am most unhappy to see that he has returned to Canada from Alaska, where he fled to at the end of his "Marvel Comics Presents" run because he was a power vampire that had to drain lives, mutant lives, and absorb them, in order to survive himself), and (I think) Talisman. US Agent was not there, as he has already apparently quit the team and joined another team in the States somewhere. Beta Ray Bill, of course, was never really a member of Omega Flight at all, so he was not there either.

Also of note, Canadian mutant and one-time Alpha Flight member Madison Jeffries has started hanging out with the Beast in X-Men, where he is on some sort of team doing some sort of science mission for mutantkind. Also, we hear that another former Alpha Flight member is supposed to join one of the "X" books in the very near future, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, no other news of Alpha Flight being reformed and getting their own least not yet. But a couple of other minor Alpha Flight teammates have been having a tendency to pop up in Marvel books in the last little while, so...keep your fingers crossed!