Friday, June 15, 2012

Random Awesome News!

Not exactly Alpha Flight related, BUT...

is the new site i have just opened up. I have decided to use my creative genius to tell superhero stories set in my own (self-created) universe.

My first hero will be the aptly-named "Flightpath", a Canadian superhero 'with a few issues to sort through'.

I have a ton of cool story and character ideas rolling around in my head, many of which have already been scratched down on paper. I estimate that I could immediately launch ten to fifteen different comic series, although realistically I will be starting slowly and working ever uphill.

I hope you will check out the site, and keep checking it out, as i hope to have some content up within a few weeks at the latest.

Verbal Sweetness Comics; my gift, to you.

Friday, June 01, 2012

A thought for a one-shot comic

As my loyal reader TSOG recently pointed out, the story of how Puck knows Taskmaster would make for a great mini-series. I agree!

This started me thinking along other lines.

I'd like to see (but I know it'll never happen) a Marvel Alpha Flight one-shot comic. In it, i'd like to see Alpha Flight get some serious revenge on Pointer (Weapon Omega, or is it just Omega now?).

Now, my apologies to those of you who read X comics and are more familiar with what has happened to Pointer lately than I am. What i am aware of, is that Pointer became some sort of very dangerous living bomb, and freaked out, and was put into suspended animation beneath the Jean Grey School.

That being so...

I'd like Norman Osbourne to come along and awaken him, scare him bad and send him running.  Then the X-Men give chase, but they lose him, but as he was heading in a northerly direction they give Alpha Flight a shout-out. Only, the communications between the two get all garbled, and although Wolverine is trying to tell Alpha Flight that Pointer isn't all that dangerous if they can put him back in suspended animation, he is more scared than anything else, all that comes across amongst the static is that Pointer is very dangerous, he is a bomb that could go off at any time and he will likely take a lot of people with him.

James Hudson is eager to face down this Pointer guy he has heard so much about, so Alpha Flight (minus Northstar, as it'd be better he weren't involved in this story) lines up at the border and waits for him. When they spot him, they can't wait to punish him, so Guardian dashes across onto the US side of things and literally throwns Pointer over the border into Canada. The team then beats him to a bloody pulp.

Meanwhile, Wolverine is trying to reach them, but he is too far away still, although he is close enough to hear the fight going on.

As Alpha stands over the bloody Pointer, thinking he is so evil and bent on destroying the world, who should swoop down but Beta Ray Bill! Hey, we haven't seen much of him (on planet Earth) since the Omega Flight mini-series! BRB tells Guardian that he has been keeping an eye on them, and says that he has a safe way to get rid of the Pointer problem; throw him into the sun. Would they like him to do that for them? Guardian looks down at the beaten and bloody Pointer, and as he does so all he can see in his mind's eye is the final seconds before he and most of the rest of his team died at the hands of this man. James Hudson looks at BRB, and says, "For the sake of all Canadians and for the safety of the it."

BRB grabs Pointer and takes off for space, dragging him behind him. Wolverine crashes through the trees, huffing and puffing, and asks James where Pointer is. Mac points up towards the sun, says "On his way there, where he can never hurt anyone again. And there is nothing you can do to stop it, so don't try, Logan."

As we, the readers, see Beta Ray Bill hurl Pointer into the sun, Wolverine shakes his head and walks away, saying "Aw, Jamie..." and vowing to himself to not burden Alpha Flight with what a mistake they have made.

The End.

This won't be popular, as Marvel has given Pointer over to the X-books, as they do with everything good that comes out of Alpha Flight (see Northstar's wedding happening in X-Men, and not in Alpha Flight). But, for me, it gives AF another chance to beat on Pointer, it lets Mac come face to face with him at last, and it has an ambiguous ending with a lot of emotional stuff going on. PLus, it finally gets rid of Pointer, and at the hands of Alpha Flight, no less. And, it gives some sort of point to BRB having been in Omega Flight.

It would also be nice if, when Bill shows up, he asks Flight how Arachne is doing, and somebody at least comments on her. Also, a nice page-long sub-plot would be Mac and Walter meeting with the new PM and asking him/her to go after whomever was in charge of feeding Pointer all those mutants when he was with Flight. Not only should those people be punished to the full extent of the law, but Canada should track down a list of who those mutant victims were and extend a formal apology to their families, with compensation; that'd be the Canadian thing to do.

As an added bonus, the X-Men could be quite pissed off over this, giving them and AF a chance to have a run-in and be at odds over this later on.