Sunday, October 22, 2006

Alpha Flight images - author unknown

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Alpha Flight - some images from the greatest comic series (es) ever written...
Enjoy! I know I will, eh!...

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Death And Rebirth of The Flight

It has recently come to my attention that sometime in the last year, some rotten b#$%ard at Marvel Comics decided to kill all of the members of Alpha Flight.
Well, the joke will be on them! Because, as we all know, Alpha Flight can be killed, but they have a real hard time staying dead!

However, Canada's superhero team will return to action in early 2007, now renamed Omega Flight, as a monthly on-going series..
This is Marvel's preview picture below.

As one can see, there is a decidedly "Cap" appearing character, as well as something resembling Beta Ray Bill or Thor. And, of course, we find Guardian once again protecting our beautiful northern country.

For those of you who want more indepth analysis of this development, and a chance to read the thoughts of the writer and artist, here are more than a few great links that you can read. Hopefully, Marvel will be more forthcoming about what is going on in the near future.
Keep the faith, "Flight" fanatics, and maybe we will see a return of all of Canada's favourite heroes one day!