Monday, December 12, 2011

Marvel still sucks; proof within

Comic sales are up this whole year, across the board!

That being said, this is further proof that Marvel Comics have lied to its fans. The firing of staffers and cancelling of a few titles (most notably Alpha Flight) was a smokescreen, not something necessary due to poor comic sales.

As already reported by moi, Marvel has planned to launch many more irrelevant and stupid series that nobody asked for in 2012 than you can shake a stick at...none of them being Alpha Flight.

Once again, anything to get rid of Alpha Flight.

Which is why Marvel sucks, and is now a failure compared to DC.

Friday, December 02, 2011


Wow. Look at all the comic series that Marvel is starting up this coming year! “Avengers Assemble” will be yet another Avengers ongoing title, there will be a “Marvelman” series started within the next twelve months, a new “Dexter” series starts in 2012, there is rumour of a new “Runaways” series that might start this coming year, a new series launches in January called “Scarlet Spider” (cuz, yeah, like, who didn’t ask and clamour and beg and plead for that one, right?!), as well as a “Hulk Smash Avengers” mini-series in February, their seems to be a new event coming soon, entitled “It’s Coming” featuring a fiery phoenix, there are reports that a “Captain Marvel” series is in the works being developed, and May sees a new ongoing “Age of Apocalypse” series.

Phew! Well, good thing they had to cut back all those titles and fire all those people! Yup. Good thing Marvel has learned not to over-saturate the market with titles nobody wants! Uh huh.

Once again, "Alpha Flight" got screwed, and Marvel did the poking without using protection. Marvel Herpes, Flight fans?

Marvel does nothing but lie…

In GOOD news, IDW will soon be publishing a “Dragon Age” comic, written by the game’s developers and designers, and Rob Liefeld is bringing “Youngblood” (and numerous other titles) back to Image comics!

Boom will be putting out “Outcast” a sword and sorcery book about a just (good) king who is killed by an evil necromancer, but comes back to undead life and wants to reclaim his soul! Sounds AWESOME!

Also, early in 2012 is Pak and Van Lente’s HC anthology of "Alpha Flight", featuring issues 0.1 to 4 collected of Volume 4 of AF.

In other news, Marvel’s new series (another one!) “Villains For Hire”? The main villain behind all this is The Purple Man.