Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Questions left unanswered at the end of Alpha Flight Volume 4:

-         Are Purple Woman and Citadel imprisoned as terrorists?

-         How does Citadel go to the bathroom?

-         Who encased Citadel in that suit, and who is he?

-         Does anyone know that Heather killed those people (her relatives)? Is she wanted for murder?

-         Where did Heather and Claire go?

-         Why exactly is Sasquatch so stupid? Is it really from post-concussion syndrome?

-         Where was Talisman during all of this?

-         Did Alpha Flight get in trouble for robbing that bank? Did the people easily forgive them? Are they uneasy heroes now to the people of Canada, who not long ago hated them?

-         How does Puck know Taskmaster?

-         After all the stuff (known and unknown) that Puck has gone through in his life, what exactly caused him to go all squirrely in hell?

-         How did Puck get out of hell?

-         Was Heather cured of the Master’s influence, or not? Does she have four toes, or five?

-         Was Prime Minister Cody killed?

-         Wasn’t Cody brain-dead earlier on in Alpha Flight?