Monday, June 25, 2007

Omega Flight # 2 Review

I received my copy(ies) of Omega Flight Issue # 2 on Friday the 22nd of June.

I liked this comic, for the most part. The story was entertaining, it introduced many cool new elements to the mini-series. There were some great close-ups of Elizabeth Twoyoungmen's face, in particular, that I enjoyed. There was also her father's face (that is Michael Twoyoungmen, or Shaman as he was known when alive) looking at her from the clouds as she travelled with Agent Brown in the helicopter. I am also really enjoying the way the pages are laid out, with panels overlapping each other and being inset inside of each other, it looks very good. unfortunately, it also tends to make some of the scenes too small, sometimes i would enjoy seeing some fo those scenes in full size view!
Something i did not enjoy was seeing Sasquatch tortured. I have never seen this sort of thing in a comic book before, and truly did not enjoy it at all.

All in all, a good issue, perhaps even better than the first one.

I look forward to Issue 3.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kolins Speaks!

Posted by Scott Kolins on the forum board at on June 19th 2007...

Sorry to be away so long. I just finished drawing #5.

Glad most of you seem to be really enjoying the series. There's some great stuff coming up. Each issue feels stronger to me and I hope you all will agree. I'm proud of this series and I think it goes a long way to rebuilding this portion of the Marvel universe - a portion I'm particularly fond of.

Now it's true that my next gig is a Wolverine arc starting in Septmeber, but know that Marvel has heard your voice and recognizes that there's gold in these hills. So I don't imagine it'll be too long before you hear what comes next - and hopefully I'll be along for the ride.



Yup, sounds like it will shortly be revealed that Omega Flight, the mini-series, has been given the green light to go ahead full-throttle as an ongoing monthly title...