Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kolins Speaks!

Posted by Scott Kolins on the forum board at AlphaFlight.net on June 19th 2007...

Sorry to be away so long. I just finished drawing #5.

Glad most of you seem to be really enjoying the series. There's some great stuff coming up. Each issue feels stronger to me and I hope you all will agree. I'm proud of this series and I think it goes a long way to rebuilding this portion of the Marvel universe - a portion I'm particularly fond of.

Now it's true that my next gig is a Wolverine arc starting in Septmeber, but know that Marvel has heard your voice and recognizes that there's gold in these hills. So I don't imagine it'll be too long before you hear what comes next - and hopefully I'll be along for the ride.



Yup, sounds like it will shortly be revealed that Omega Flight, the mini-series, has been given the green light to go ahead full-throttle as an ongoing monthly title...


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