Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Alpha (v.3) and Omega (iss.1)


First, let's talk Alpha Flight, then move on to Omega Flight.

I just finished reading the two Trade Paperbacks that encompass
all 12 issues of the third volume of Alpha Flight.

My thoughts? Look, i knew a lot about these issues, although
until now I have never actually read them.

A lot of AF fans have dissed these issues. Really, upon reading
them, I do not understand why! Yes, they were written a little tongue-
in-cheek, a little whimsically. But they were good and
entertaining stories. They brought us new and interesting

I am not sure what all the fuss is about. I like the time travel
mishaps. I like the bringing in of the temporal copies of Alpha Flight,
to better serve the country while the real original AF is off in
space. I think this adds tremendously to the living legend of
Alpha Flight.

I think people who are that upset by this version of Alpha
Flight, have every right to their own opinion. Me - i like 'em.

'Nuff said.

Now, on to Omega Flight issue 1.

I have read all about it. I have seen others' comments about it. I have seen previews, and I have seen and heard both likes and dislikes from other Flight fans.

Now, I have read it for myself. And what do I think?

Well, based upon issue one and issue one only, I found it
entertaining. The pace was slow-ish. So far, only Canadian heroes
have been prominently featured. Trying hard to bring the original
AF fans on board. Nice eye for details in much of the artwork. A
bit disappointed for their choice of Prime Minister being other
than our real Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

The art looks good. The writing seems decent. It looks to be
slowly building momentum as it goes.

Not much more that I can say than that. It is Omega Flight. The
verdict, my verdict, is still out on this series (mini-series).
It isn't Alpha Flight, although this first issue tries hard to
sell itself as such. But we all know that it is going to be a
team comprised of mainly Americans. It is written about
Americans, for Americans. And, as a Canadian who wants
depserately a book about all-Canadian heroes, it is about to fall
short in that regard. Still, as a well-written and well-drawn
(and colored - nice job, Reber!) first issue that has plenty of
homage to the original Alpha Flight in it's pages, it does fairly
well, and I cannot complain too much. It is Flight, and so I will
support it.

Again, 'Nuff said.

Long Live The Flight!

The [ Mail ] System Delivers

So, this is what I got in the mail yesterday from ...

Tellos Maiden Voyage
Essential Defenders Volume 1 TP
Alpha Flight Volume 1 You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me TP
Alpha Flight Volume 2 Waxing Poetic TP
Omega Flight # 1
Omega Flight # 1

After two months of ordering through them, they are still six comics short of what I should have received by now. Sigh...

Meanwhile, i am extremely stoked by what i received, and have just begun to read these beauties, so i will be commenting more later...

Ta ta!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Long Wait

It has been a long wait, sitting here awaiting my first issue of the Omega Flight limited series. And still i wait. Lucky me (sigh...).

But, the good news is, I figure it should be arriving this week!

Anticipation is a wonderful thing. Really, i have not minded all that much. It will be worth the waiting, from what i understand.

So, I have not minded all that much. No, really, I haven't. Honest.

Yes, this is one of the 'dangers' of ordering comics from an online company. Delivery times are long.

Still, this should be a good week for comics. I will write more later...