Friday, November 21, 2014

Marvel and DC Television Shows

Marvel and DC Television Shows:

Let’s talk about current television series by “The Big Two”.

I’ll stick to what I know, the only three television programs that I watch; Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, and Arrow.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is a…different…sort of show. Let’s be clear right off the bat; although it does deal with super-powers and super-beings at times, it is not really a superhero show. It is a super-spy show, set in a fictional universe where super-powered beings do run amok. I have a few issues with this show, not the least being that it has become too much of an X-Files rip-off (and, full disclosure, X-Files being a show that I have always detested). The fixation on aliens and alien technology has overpowered the good points that the show had. Season 1, I found the characters interesting, and I watched the show fairly intently, even though the series started very slowly and didn’t have very good writing until over half way through season 1. At the time I write this, Fitz is the only character I really care about anymore. I really WANTED to care about Bobbi Morse (an avid West Coast Avengers fan, adding Mockingbird to the show seemed like a wonderful idea), but find that so far, I hate her; not only does her character suck, but so does the acting job behind it. Actually, every character that Agents of SHIELD has added to their roster for season 2, I hate them all. And, since I never liked Skye (sp?), and the show has now forced me to hate Ward…not to mention that Simmons’ character has completely changed for the worse…there are many days when I ponder why I even bother to watch this program.

The Flash is a very interesting show. Still in its infancy, I see a show that is well written and well thought out. The actor who plays Barry Allen has done a very nice job, and has the guy who plays Barry’s foster-father. The real problem with this show is, the rest of the actors are TERRIBLE! Unbelievable in the roles, wooden acting, it almost feels like the producers just chose people off of the street with no acting creds. And that is a shame. The poor acting by some, is really dragging down what is, otherwise, a really great show. The plots, the villains, the fight scenes…all so well done. Plus, who cannot love the shadowy threat of finally seeing Gorilla Grodd on-screen one day!

Lastly, let’s talk Arrow. Now well into its third season, this is the cream-of-the-crop of super-shows, the one that all others want to be like. This is the show that made me actually LIKE Brandon Routh (sorry Brandon, but after Chuck, I HATED you!)! Hell, the sheer number of people on this show who have shown themselves to be great actors, continues to rise; it starts with Stephen Amell, and continues to such people as David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes, Manu Bennett, Colin Donnell, Caity Lotz, Colin Salmon, Kevin Alejandro, Byron Mann, Dylan Neal, Michael Rowe, Brandon Routh, Jessica de Gouw, Katrina Law, Seth Gabel, and probably a few more that I am missing. Even Willa Holland, who I had my doubts about at first, has really grown into her character. The weak acting point, as far as I am concerned, is still Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of Laurel Lance, which never quite rings true to me. Arrow consistently has great plot twists and cliff-hangers, constantly introduces and re-introduces great new characters, isn’t afraid to open up the Who’s Who of the DC Universe and pull out new characters, whether supporting characters or villains or heroes. This show has it all; action, romance, friendships, mysteries, super-powered good and bad guys, anger, revenge – you name it, this show has got it. I still think Roy Harper is my favourite character here, and I love how he has gone through the names Speedy and Arsenal already, without it feeling contrived or stupid – a nice homage to the comic books. Still, I wonder, will Roy lose an arm at some point, and become the true Arsenal? Only time will tell…

So, what is your take on any of these three shows, or any other super-based tv show that may not be listed here?


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