Friday, March 25, 2011

Flight updates!

The Betrayer, the person who is/was close to Alpha Flight and betrays them, causing them to go on the run, would seem to be none other than...Prime Minister Cody!!!

Wow. Did anybody else see that one coming out of left field?

Some new Eaglesham artwork of various Flight members were posted online by Marvel, but nothing too exciting. Except for Marrina, who is going with a pierced and tattooed punk/goth look a big change...but isn't totally unappealing. Also revealed in Eaglesham's scribblings, it seems to be hinted that there are only tentative plans to use Puck in the series, nothing firm yet (unless that is a red-herring?).

Stay tuned, true believers, comics are about to get exciting again!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Flight Update

Okay, thanks to for directing my attention to the below points. If you are an Alpha Flight fan and you aren’t paying attention to , then you are mistaken.

According to recent interviews and tweets, Puck is a strong “maybe” to appear in the maxi-series. Where Persuasion (Purple Girl) is, will be revealed. And Beta Flight will definitely make an appearance.

Also, a government-created Alpha Flight team will be going up against our Alpha Flight, and from the image below…

…it looks like Mac might well be leading them!

Also, some cool sketch images from Dale Eaglesham.

The official solicitation…

ALPHA FLIGHT #1 ( of 8 )

A FEAR ITSELF maxi-series spinoff! Do you fear...your country turning on you? Alpha Flight has long been the protector of an entire nation...but what happens when that nation needs to be protected from itself? New York Times best-selling authors Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, along with red-hot artist Dale Eaglesham, bring back the team you demanded—the original Alpha Flight! Sasquatch, Snowbird, Northstar and Aurora have been joined by their revived allies Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman, and Marrina as the paragons and protectors of an entire nation. But as FEAR ITSELF takes over, their own country turns on the Flight and brands them traitors for the shocking actions of one of their closest allies. As the borders close and an entire nation hunts them down, will the newly reunited Alpha Flight survive?
40 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99

(ON-SALE 6/8/11)

And, it is official, the maxi-series is 9 issues; 8 issues, PLUS the 0.1 to start with (in May).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Alpha Goodness - news, news, and news!

Here is the official Marvel solicitation for the first issue [ 0.1 ] of the Alpha Flight maxi-series…

Written by GREG PAK & FRED VAN LENTE Penciled by Ben Oliver Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
Because YOU demanded it: Exploding out of FEAR ITSELF with an all-new series is the ORIGINAL Alpha Flight by the superstar creative team of writers Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente and artist Dale Eaglesham --- with covers by the incomparable Phil Jimenez! Get in on the ground floor of this highly anticipated maxi-series with this standalone adventure by artist X: Who are Guardian, Vindicator, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora and Marrina? How did they become their nation's most beloved heroes? And are they strong enough to withstand their greatest challenge yet?

Special POINT ONE issue.


The following is from an Interview done by Fred Van Lente…

Van Lente: “Alpha Flight is the government-run superhero team, the idols of an entire nation — but precipitated by the events of Fear Itself, that government falls into the hands of a fascist-minded party. Before they know it, the once-beloved super heroes are branded traitors and have to go on the run from the nation that once adored them — and betrayed by one of their own members. Can Alpha Flight figure out who is behind the conspiracy against them — and lead a fight to overthrow their own government — before they’re caught and destroyed themselves?”

And finally, word has come from artist Dale Eaglesham that the maxi-series will have variant covers by Dale, as well as the regular covers by Phil Jiminez.