Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Omega Musings

So, only ONE of the heroes shown in the preview picture of Omega Flight is a Canadian...

Well, one thing we are FAIRLY certain of is, James "Mac" MacDonald Hudson is (likely) not the person within the Guardian/Vindicator suit. The question is, who is?
And really, to me, it makes absolutely NO sense to have that someone be anything but a Canadian. Why would an American wear a Canadian flag on their costume?
So, here is my question - is Kyle Gibney, formerly known as WildHeart, Wild Child, etcetera, is Kyle Gibney a Canadian or an American?
Because, follow my reasoning here - Kyle is a former mutant (now depowered), a former member of Gamma Flight, and a former leader (for a short time) of Alpha Flight. Now, look closely at that new team picture. Shadowed though it may be, look closely at the Guardian figure. Does he not look angry? Mouth down-turned, frowning. Hands clenched in anger. Does this not, both face and body, look like Kyle?
Now, back to my question - is Kyle Gibney American or Canadian? Because i cannot find the answer!
If he is Canadian, then the mystic figure on the far left cannot be Talisman (as she is Canadian). However, if Kyle is American...i know, i know, i said it would not make sense for an American to wear the Maple Leaf...but in the case of Logan or Kyle, i would have to amend that statement; for both or either of them, it would make perfect sense.

By the way, in regards to the fact that there are THREE Canadians working on or with the team...and that the preview picture shown may not include all the heroes in Omega Flight...
Here is to hoping that Puck is on or with the team, and Heather too.
And here is to hoping that we get to see something of Madison Jeffries and Walter Langkowski and Diamond Lil, and the sooner the better!
Go Flight!