Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heeee'sss Baaa-aaaacckk...

Apparently, our favourite Canadian feral mutant with the healing factor returns to the world of comics in Wolverine # 304.

That's right: Wild Child!

I hear he only appears in two panels (yes, thanks to the boards at for setting me on to this information!).

That is all i know for now, but when i get my hands on the issue I will be sure to fill in some more details (and hopefully scan some images, too).

btw, has anybody NOT heard that Northstar is getting married to Kyle? Well, he is. They are. Being an AF blog, I thought I should at least mention this, although Northstar (by me) is considered more of an X-Men character than an AF character, as he only seems to belong to AF when they are in a currently-running series.


Blogger TSOG said...

Meh. If they're bringing him back just to brutalise him some more, they might as well not do us any favours.

8:19 AM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EccentricSage here,

Gawd, I'm both excited that someone likes him enough to bring him back, and horrified as to what Marvel will put him through next.

It can't be good, if he's coming back in a Wolverine book.

4:43 PM PDT  

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