Tuesday, April 03, 2012

ask and receive

I know, i know...you have all been asking me, "When the heck are you going to finish your reviews of the Alpha Flight maxi-series?"

What? You haven't been? Oh.

Well, you SHOULD have been asking me that, then!

Even if nobody else is wondering, I know that i am.

Like all of you, i have no real answer to that question, though. First, I'm a bit lazy, a bit tired, a bit busy. Plus (or second, for those of you numerically inclined), I am worried that now that the maxi-series is completed, my reviews will just show my disgust at AF no longer being published. I would hate to take out my Marvel-frustration on Greg and Fred nd Dale and others who are innocent of all charges.

One day, i will finish the reviews. When my lethargy goes away, my anger subsides, and i feel less jaded.

Until then, Alpha Flight lives on in all of us.


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