Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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With me recently dropping Avanegers Academy from my pull list (I am very unhappy with the direction it has taken lately, and for me to drop a comic featuring my favourite character, Tigra, is a HUGE deal), and with Alpha Flight Volume 4 no longer, I find myself closer and closer to my goal of a complete ban on Marvel products.

Close, but not quite there yet.

I am still involved with the Villains For Hire mini-series, which mercifully is almost over. Its not very interesting. I`d highly recommend (staying far away from) it.

Wolverine & The X-Men has me hooked right now. It`s a hilarious series, and it is the humour that has captured me. For now, it has my attention.

I am also giving The Defenders a chance. I really like the Defenders of the past. I really am NOT currently enjoying this title. To me, this isn`t the Defenders. I`m hoping it changes. Never a Silver Surfer fan. The new Iron Fist doesn`t excite me, nor does the Red She-Hulk. This doesn`t even FEEL like The Defenders. The writing is atrocious, as is the plot. Characters seem to have no real interaction with each other. Nobody cares about anyone else. There`s no chemistry. I cannot imagine I will be sticking around long-term on this series. I keep waiting for the REAL Defenders to show up; Gargoyle, Beast, Hellcat, Daimon Hellstrom, Devil-Slayer, Iceman, Valkyrie, Nighthawk, Clea, Black Knight, Moon Knight (oh my word! don`t even get me STARTED on how Marvel has completely destroyed such an awesome charcater!), Paladin, and the Overmind. These, together with Dr Strange and Namor, are the true Defenders.

So, 4 series I am collecting from Marvel; one of which is a soon-ending mini-series (Villains For Hire), one of which is terrible and I don`t know how much longer I can stand it (The Defenders), one of which is surprisingly hilarious (Wolverine & The X-Men), and the last of which i have not read any issues yet (Secret Avengers; I am starting with issue 23, I think, as there is a new and exciting-sounding lineup; Hawkeye, Beast, Venom, Captian Britain, Giant Man, Valkyrie, Black Widow, and either Toro or teh Human Torch).

So, what, you ask, comics am i collecting from other publishers...glad you asked!

3 from DC (Red Hood & The Outlaws, Teen Titans, and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.), all of which are FABULOUS!

1 from IDW (Dungeons & Dragons).

3 from Image (Hack & Slash, Glory, and Youngblood).

1 from Boom Studios (Valen the Outcast).

And, 1 from Aspen Comics (Lady Mechanika).

Not including mini-series, that is 3 from Marvel, 9 from other (which breaks down as 3 from DC, 3 from Image, and 3 from other-others).

That`s all i gots to say `bout that!

Other than...Marvel sucks!


Blogger TSOG said...

Alpha Flight was the end of Marvel for me, until they feature those characters somewhere else. I may see how much face time Northstar gets in X-Men.

I've been going back to the indy books more and more and am looking for Canadian characters there too. A lot of it is pretty amaterish, of course, but here's one I'm looking forward to being print form. Nice tribute cover:

I'm not involved in any way, so don't think I'm advertising. Just sharing due to similar interests.

4:26 PM PST  
Blogger Dredd Sweet said...

Cool link! Sounded suspiciously like Northern Guard (Moonstone) at first glance, but I see it is something different.

7:20 PM PST  
Blogger TSOG said...

I wrote to Moonstone recently to ask whether we'd ever get the 3rd issue of Northern Guard and was told "no news, stay tuned". So presumably they intend to release it one day, probably in the distant future.

That series' artist is working on Heroes of the North stuff now apparently, if you hadn't heard.

4:52 AM PST  
Blogger Dredd Sweet said...

No, I didn't know the Northern Guard artist was on Heroes of the North now. I had also heard that Moonstone had no plans to release Ng issue 3; pretty sad when a series gets cancelled after only two issues.

I STILL think that it was Marvel who hacked and brought down ...

4:59 AM PST  
Blogger TSOG said...

Geez, I never thought of that. I don't know much about it, but whoever it is is certainly persistent enough.

4:44 AM PST  
Blogger Dredd Sweet said...

'persistent' - that made me chuckle. a bit of an understatement. kind of like calling Captain America 'somewhat proud of his country'.

9:05 AM PST  

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