Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flightpath 07's review of AF Vol. 4 Issue # 3

Review: Alpha Flight, Volume IV, Issue # 3

(Flightpath 07 - that's me!)

Once again…It has been a long wait. ‘Nuff said. And now I will get to my review.

“They are on their own. They are fighting for each other. They are…Alpha Flight.” Again, I love how on the first page, these few sentences sum up so perfectly the essence of what this incarnation of the Flight is all about at this point in time. I am still enjoying seeing the “posters” of each Flight member at the bottom of the page, wherein you can learn the current status of each.

The art: Walter Langkowski looks good. Dale Eaglesham does a good job with him (weird seeing him without glasses on page one, though!). Agent Brown…getting creepier and creepier as this series goes on. I…don’t trust him. And I do not trust Greg and Fred enough, to think that maybe Agent Brown is even MORE involved in all this than we could think! Anyways, yes, Agent Brown comes off as very slick and creepy looking.

Marrina’s “transformation” from smiley and happy to ferocious and fierce is…whoa!

Even Snowbird, in a smaller sized panel ( I know, I know – the panel size isn’t Dale’s fault! lol), Dale manages to get across her angry face to the reader. And the hug between Puck and Marrina is adorably done. I love Aurora in full fight mode, and Northstar blocking her, all appearing at super-speed, of course!

Lol – I have to say, when Guardian avoids that bazooka or rocket launcher fired at him from inside Department H…lol, is it just me or is he striking some sort of 70‘s disco move?!?

Walter Langkowski’s leap into the fray (“it’s Sasquatch time!”) is epic, only beaten by the very next panel where a still-not-Sasquatch Walter gets his face caved in. I also like Shaman’s bearskin that he wears in one panel, a very nice touch.

Later, as Mac and Northstar fight over the phone, is it just me or does Marrina seem to have taken on some latent sexuality in the way she lounges around? She almost reminds me of a classic Janet Van Dyne, at times…

Aurora’s fight with herself is another classic moment. Anybody else notice that her eyes change colour between her two personalities? Hm…it is hard to tell through her coloured goggles, but does it seem like Heather’s eyes are also possibly brown in this issue? That’d be…odd…as she has BLUE eyes…this, together with the strange piece of cloth that Prime Minister Gary Cody carries in his hand…these are clues. But, clues to what?!? Oh, nice job, Misters Pak and Van Lente…nice job indeed! Way to drop the hints and keep us guessing!

As far as the story itself goes, it is again a top-notch thrill-ride of an issue. Walter’s discussion with Agent Brown is, again, something right out of Volume 2. Makes me wonder…could Mesmero be behind all of this? Marrina being “so tricksy” was hilarious! Walter’s banter with Michael Twoyoungmen took the place of Walter’s usual banter with Aurora. The pissed off demi-goddess when she is released. Marrina, more than able to take care of herself; damn, the girl is just OOZING with self-confidence! Aurora’s fight with herself, both literal and figurative. Northstar’s concern first for his sister, and then later for Kyle. Bouncy Puck! Who doesn’t love bouncy Puck!?! The whole way that Alpha Flight is set up as the fall guys, now seen by an entire country as traitors. Mac wanting to make a beeline for Wolverine. Agent Brown confronting Purple Woman and Citadel and “drafting” them into Vindicator’s new group.

And finally, the last page…creepy looking, dangerous, and the heralded return of the Great Beasts as well! Awesome Alpha Flight-y goodness, indeed!

This series totally has it going on! Loving it!

I won’t say much more, but…a little bit of research into Alpha Flight’s past, and…I am now thinking that Mesmero is indeed the one behind all of this! But, all things will be revealed in time, right?

Writers: Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente
Pencils: Dale Eaglesham
Inks: Andrew Hennessy
Colours: Sonia Oback
Letterer: Simon Bowland
My issue’s cover by: Phil Jimenez and Frank D’Armata
Editor: Mark Paniccia

My ratings for this issue:
Art: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Dialogue: 10/10
Intangibles (or, as some call it, Alpha-Flight-iness): 10/10

I’m giving this one 40 Maple Leafs out of 40!


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