Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Quick Review

First thoughts, having just finished reading the "Chaos War: Alpha Flight" one-shot comic book.

The plot was decent, if feeling a bit rushed throughout.

The interaction between the characters was fairly believeable, if feeling a bit rushed.

The art was...not my style preference. Too close to anime for my tastes. Sasquatch's body looked fine, but his head looked gimpy.

The fact that Puck was never seen (only briefly mentioned in one or two panels) was lame.

The fact that Sasquatch almost seemed to take over leadership of the team on the last page, was inappropriate.

The non-appearances of Diamond Lil' and Smart Alec and Wild Child,was forgiveable, but may have been a mistake in the long run. Bringing back thse characters, as well as the others (plus Puck!), might have been a smarter long-term plan of action.

The sense of each Alphan grating on the others was well-handled, as well as the mentioning of Mac and Heather's child. Having Shaman not ask about Talisman (and not having her appear) was odd, to say the least...

All in all, I am happy they are back. The book was mighty okay, and the bringing back of Alpha Flight was an awesome idea (not killing them in the first place, would have been even awesomer).



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