Thursday, September 09, 2010

the news takes a tune for the best - Alpha Flight returns!

Well, I have been remiss in keeping this site up-to-date with Alpha happenings.

Alpha Flight is returning! Yes, seriously!

Back from the dead, due to the Chaos War arc sweeping across Marvel comics, the Alpha Flight one-shot entitled CHAOS WAR: ALPHA FLIGHT, written by Jim McCann, Guardian and Vindicator (or at least Heather Hudson), Shaman and Marrina all return from the dead to the land of the living. They team up with Snowbird, Sasquatch, and the twin speedsters Aurora and Northstar, to reform Alpha least for now.

As for Puck, he is apprently still dead, but for reasons unknown. However, he is appearing in Wolverine issue 3 (due out November 2010, same as the AF one-shot), helping the apparently deceased Wolverine somehow...?...

Well, that's all i gots for now! Other than to say that Mr McCann has admitted to beign a huge fan of the original Alpha Flight who would love to tell more of their stories. And Marvel SEEMS to be softening their stance on "Alpha Flight can't work, and so won't be back", that is for sure!

Stay tuned, true believers and Flight fans!


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