Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hulk vs.

I watched the "Hulk vs." DVD a couple of days ago. As it has Wolverine in it, I feel it is okay to plug it here.

Man oh man! I thought it was going to be okay...but it was freakin' AWESOME!

The first part was Hulk vs. Thor. The story was decent. But man oh man, the pure unadulterated violence of this! If you want to see these two go toe-to-toe and trade hits , beating each other to, I do not understand how Thor even SURVIVES this fight, lol! Dude gets his royal arse kicked! And we are talking about THOR here! Thor is (or used to be, anyways) so totally awesome!

The second part is Hulk vs. Wolverine. As much as I did not see how Wolverine could stand up to the Hulk in a fight for very long, I wondered what the heck they were gonna do with this one. Well, the fight between them is interesting. This episode has TONNES of humour, made me roll on the frickin' floor lol-ing. I was never a fan of Deadpool, but now I am. Yes, he is in here too (yet another "Canadian" type hero), and man is he hilarious. Awesome fights, but even better dialogue and plot. Haven't seen anything better since I watched the "Watchmen" movie.

All in all, I say, if you haven't seen this, go out and get it. You won't be sorry you did.

I rated the first episode a 7/10. I rated the second episode a 10/10. 17/20...can you get that much enjoyment from most DVDs this day?

Don't think. The "Hulk Vs" DVD, just go get it.


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