Monday, November 09, 2009

What (Isn't) New

So, “what has been going on in the world of comics” is the question you are wanting answered if you are here reading this blog.

From an Alpha Flight standpoint...not so much. No word heard from Aurora since her confrontation with Norman “the world belongs to me” Osborne several months ago. Northstar is still appearing in X-men comics, but basically as a bit player – not surprising, since there are approximately one billion mutants or ex-mutants or repowered mutants or wanna-be mutants hanging around the X world right now. Mister Madison Jeffries is still showing up regularly as a member of the science team in X-men comics; and, they are still getting his character completely wrong! Madison is still being displayed as some sort of brilliant scientist type, when every true Flight fan knows that Mister Jeffries has no doctorate of any kind and is a mechanic by trade. Presumably, Sasquatch and Arachne are the only members of Omega Flight left in Canada, and I guess they are carrying on the good fight sight unseen (although how just the two of them could do much is beyond me!). Marina and Wild Child are the recently-deceased former members of Alpha Flight. Michael Pointer, former member of Omega Flight and the killer of Alpha Flight, now known as Weapon Omega, works for the evil Norman Osborne in his Dark X-Men. Talisman and Snowbird are presumably still somewhere in Canada, doing whatever it is they do when nobody is using them. The rest of Alpha Flight is unheard from, dead or presumed dead, or in limbo until somebody decides to do something with them.

On a personal note, I recently received in the mail my very own copy of Alpha Flight Volume 2 Annual featuring The Inhumans. Thanks to “rplass” from, who was kind enough to pick up a copy for me and send it to me (you rock!). I thoroughly enjoyed the issue.

I have also been collecting, online through Mile High Comics, a number of other titles from yesteryear. I now own about half of the West Coast Avengers (1980s and 1990s) series, as well as a bunch of old (1970s) Werewolf By Night issues and (1980s) Moon Knight issues. I have been enjoying reading through these classics very much!
That is about all there on these subjects, so that is all I will write about for now. Back with more news, when there is news.


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