Friday, October 30, 2009

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This one is for my daughter and her mom, who I am happy to report are fans of the Teen Titans!

Well, it seems lately that this space is becoming a haven for me to talk about a lot of things to do with comic books, but not so much to do with Alpha Flight. Part of the reason being, there is no Alpha Flight right now, so not much to talk about there.

Teen Titans. Anybody familiar with there animated adventures on television? I am kind of an addict of that show.

Well, i have a treat. For anybody familiar with the kids tv show, but not the comic book heroes, I present for you here a run-down of "where are they now" for the main characters. Please note, this is not an all-inclusive thing (no free salad bar. I am not as random as you think salad!), there are holes everywhere that I have not the time or patience (or knowledge) to fill. Most of the information presented here is taken from the Teen Titans Outsiders Secret Files And Origins comic book from 2003...


First up...Beast Boy!

Yes, Beast Boy and Raven DID fall in love and date for a while.

Next up...Raven!

It seems Raven has "died" and been brought back to life a number of times...

And, evil Raven...

Next up...Cyborg!

Next up is...Nightwing!

Once called Robin, Dick Grayson became the superhero Nightwing when he left the crime fighting duo of Batman and Robin behind. He had two separate costumes as Nightwing. As of 2009, Grayson has become the new Batman; ironically enough, he has his own Robin sidekick, who is the son of the original Batman...

Next up is...Starfire!

Next we have Deathstroke, who in the animated series was simply known as the villain Slade...

And, any discussions of the Teen titans would be incomplete without including Ravager, who is the daughter of Deathstroke...

And that, is that.

Maybe, one of these upcoming days, I will blog here about the current lineup of the Teen Titans, as I follow their monthly adventures in the comic book.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I've never been a huge fan of Robin, I have to say, Nightwing makes my panties soggy.

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