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Without Further Ado...


I have a love of some comic book characters.

As far as villains go, is there really anybody better than the Joker? Really, is there?

As for who else I am partial to, it should be no surprise that I am a HUGE Wild Child fan. Yes, Wild Child, of Alpha Flight, Omega Flight (the original one), Gamma Flight, X-Factor, etcetera.

I even enjoyed hearing that they had brought him back as a villain, after he had started off a hero, then been part of the group whose attack resulted in the death of James MacDonald Hudson (Alpha Fight’s Guardian), then had gone rogue and all villainy for quite a long time, then came back to Alpha Flight with his wild side apparently under control, then went evil again, then joined X-Factor (somehow having reverted to a teenager), then lost all his powers. He even lost his voice at one point, having had his vocal chords removed.

Somehow, through all of that, I was still a big fan of the character.

So, I recently picked up a copy of Wolverine Origins Issue 40 (always “nice” to pick up an issue from time to time, to see how writers have managed to further ruin Wolverine), and I read in the recap that Wild Child had been killed recently.

Sickened. Saddened. But, not surprised.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was remarking how with Alpha Flight having been killed off and replaced by murderers and Americans, that how long would it be before even Sasquatch himself was killed off by Marvel Comics? Well, in the last few months or so, we have seen both Marina and Wild Child killed. Yes indeed, it is true, Marvel has no love or respect for Alpha Flight. They want to shut up the fans of Alpha Flight, by making sure there is no possibility of there being any Alpha Flight to reform as a team in the future.

Not good.

As far as other superheroes that I enjoy, those of you who know me (and not many do!) may know that I am also a HUGE Tigra fan, going back to her days as an Avenger, and then as a West Coast Avenger (gosh, I miss that series!).

I am happy that she has been regularly appearing in Avengers The Initiative, which is a big reason why I buy it monthly.

Did I mention I have a Tigra tattoo on my back!

Avengers The Initiative has also introduced me to other heroes that I enjoy, such as Thor Girl, Taskmaster (and its about time he was used as a true heavy-hitting force!), Komodo (who has now been depowered – boo! Marvel sucks!), and Gauntlet.

And, for those of you who are dying to know, I am also a fan of Hawkeye (hate him as Ronin…I actually prefer Bullseye in the Hawkeye costume, to Clint in the Ronin get-up), Ms. Marvel, Nightcrawler, Sunspot, Rogue, Jack Of Hearts (deceased), Beast, Sasquatch, Puck, Diamond Lil, Yukon Jack, Manikin (gosh, what an awful name that is!), Squirrel Girl, Magneto, Paste Pot Pete (the most inept villain ever, lol), the Scarlet Spider, the Thing, Doc Samson, The Shroud, Beta Ray Bill, and others too numerous to name (or too tiring to try to think of right now!).

So, now, on to some pictures that I hope you might all enjoy…Please click on any of these photos to view them in larger size...

This is a pictire of Wolverine "taking a little revenge" on Weapon Omega, Mike The Mailman Pointer, for him killing Wolverine's friends in Alpha Flight in cold blood.

The following photos are from Marvel Adventures Issue 15, featuring Tigra and the Hulk.

The above images from Marvel Adventures Issue 15 were drawn by Amilcar Pinna.

These next few pictures are again of Tigra, and come from Avengers The Initiative Issue 28. They are drawn by Rafa Sandoval.

Once agin, please do not hesitate to click on the photos to see them in much larger size.

Okay, this next one is actually of Taskmaster.

That is it for now. But, just so you all know, I hope to be blogging here a little more regularly than i have been. If I cannot find anything new to talk about, then I will just ramble on about stuff that makes me happy, or about old Alpha Flight images and issues. I already have a few ideas tumbling around in the industrial dryer that is my head...

Toodles for now! Thanx for reading!


Anonymous rplass said...

Frak! You have a Tigra tattoo on your back?!?!?! Awesome, you MUST post pics! GOTTA SEE!!!

Oh and BTW you could have asked first before you lifted the Wolvie pic off my site. ;) I would have graciously said yes haha!

5:29 AM PDT  
Blogger Dredd Sweet said...

er...theft is the highest form of flattery? lol.

9:24 PM PDT  

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