Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what is new

Well, thought i would update this site, with the little bit that is going on in the world of Alpha Flight.

Northstar has joined the X-Men in San Francisco. His sister, Aurora, was also briefly seen in an X-Men comic, but she was not asked to join. There are rumours that Northstar will not long be a member of the X-men, although what they plan to do with him afterwards, if anything, is a complete mystery.

Madison Jeffries has also been guest-starring in the X-Men, working with Beast's science team on mutant problems.

Mailman Mike, the evil yankee villain who killed Alpha Flight, became the new Guardian, and is now a mutant-killing power-vampire, he has joined Norman Osborne's (or is it the White Queen's?) new X-Team, the Dark X-Men. This team is on a collision course, apparently with the Avengers, or the New Avengers, or the Young Avengers, or the New Old Avengers, or the Pet Avengers, or the Super-Mighty Avengers, or the Dark Avengers, or...oh, hell, i cannot keep them all safe anymore. Suffice it to say, "whammo! blammo!", big team dust-up in the works!

Here is hoping the Mailman bites the biscuit. Idiot. Only people dumber than him, are some of the yahoos at Marvel comics...

...who have cancelled any plans they had for an Alpha Flight comic series. Despite receiving numerous applications from writers wishing to jump on board writing Alpha Flight. Idiots!

That is all the news I can think of for now.



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