Monday, October 01, 2007

Review - Omega Flight Issue 5

date recieved - Sept 19 2007

One part of me is very sad that this series is now over - Avon, Kolins, and Reber did a great job on these books, and should be commended. And, after all, some of these heroes are Canadians, and Alpha Flight-ers.

On the other hand, I am also glad this series is now over. This was Omega Flight. Not Alpha Flight. Not even close.

As a filler, Omega Flight was quite good. It tied in with Civil War quite nicely. In that context, it made sense. But if more of this is what Marvel will eventually try to pass off as the future of Flight here in Canada, then I want none of it.

Too much about issue 5 was predictable. Mikey Pointer saves everybody, and Sas and Talisman forgive him for murdering Alpha Flight. (Yeah, right!)

Seriously, this issue seemed rushed. Too much stuff stuffed into too small of a space. Beta Ray Bill saves everybody, he's the big hero, yet the other heroes never even got to actually meet him? And this is supposed to be one of the members of Omega Flight? How stupid is that!?!

The page showing Walt remembering Alpha Flight getting murdered is interesting, because it shows who was there; besides Sas, we see Major Maple Leaf Jr, Shaman, Guardian, Vindicator, Puck, and Puck II. Nobody else can be seen. Interesting...

Why does Talisman have less powers, less blessings, than she previosuly had, yet she has the power to open Shaman's medicine pouch, use it to help Walter, trap Tanaraq inside it, and then destroy his power?

I actually felt something for Pointer when he pledges to protect Canada, with a tear coming down his cheek. Then I turned the page, and immediately remembered that he is an imposter and a murderer and that I hate him and wished he were dead. And that made me feel better.

Yup, thanks for the "mini" series, Marvel. Now, bring back the real, the true, the only ALPHA FLIGHT!

Like others have suggested, I am removing this series from it's Alpha Flight designation in my comics storage area, and I am filing it under "O" for Omega.

I am gonna give this last comic in the series an underwhelming
A more disappointing wrap-up to things, I have never seen before.

Overall, this series deserves a 5/10. Thanks for trying, appreciate the effort, but you can't fake the Flight by substituting something that isn't the Flight.


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