Monday, October 01, 2007

Review - Omega Flight Issue 4

date received - August 15 2007

The opening scene, with Rachel looking into the cell at Pointer, is great. I especially like the dripping maple leafs and blood-like "murderer" graffiti on the outside of the cell. Even the scattered chessboard helps to really set the tone.

"The Guardian? I'm not even Canadian." At least somebody listened to us fans, and decided against retro-ing Pointer from an American to a Canadian.

The "demon" battle from the helicopters is well-drawn; frantic chaos is shown exquisitively well.

Heroic Arachne saving the heros' 'copter is a good thing to see.

Why does US Agent swear so much?

"I'm Beta Ray...Bill..." It seems as if Bill thought about calling himself Beta Ray Thor, but then thought better of it?

I love the fight between US Agent and Sasquatch. The three panels where US Agent attacks and Walter throws him are hilarious!

The page where Pointer first attacks is amazing. KRAKTHOOM! Then he says he isn't good with his powers yet, and wastes a whole skyscraper with one shot. How many more people did this murderer just kill? !!

Of course, the last page is fearfully exciting. Unfortunately, Sas doesn't actually kill Pointer...more's the pity.

Great pace, great art, a few funny moments. The best of the bunch, so far!



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