Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Readings - Omega Flight 3

Hi y'all! Just got my latest batch of comics in the mail last night, started reading them just a while ago.
My impressions so far -
Omega Flight # 3 - Loved seeing Beta Ray Bill in action! Hated seeing him about to get stomped! All-in-all, definitely quicker moving than the first two, definitely the best of the series so far! Keep it up!
Avengers:The Initiative #s 2 and 3 - Awesome! Love the series!
World War Hulk # 1 - Uhhh...is this it? This is what the hype was all about? We don't actually get to see Hulk smash Black Bolt, or know how he accomplishes itand then we get pages and pages of a dumbish fight between Hulk and Iron Man? I dunno - seems kinda lame to me, hope it gets better soon...


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