Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Order 4 Me?

Well, not much happening on the Alpha Flight front right now. Unfortunately. So there hasn't been a lot to say here for a while.

That being said, I have plans in the works to re-read the Omega Flight mini-series, and then to organize my htoughs through the keyboard and onto this blog, to type out a concise and completely biased accounting of the series, both what works and what does not work. Keep checking back here, you may just see that pop up soon!

Two days ago, I got my monthly order of comics delivered. One of these comics was none other than the first issue of Marvel Comics Presents (MCP # 1), featuring a Michael Pointer story in it. When I have the time, and the patience for it, I will review that comic (that story in it, rather) and put that review here on this blog-site. Promise.

Also in that order of comics that arrived, I received some real good comics that totally impressed my socks off. You should check some of these out! Avengers Initiative # 6 was another winner. This is the series that makes that whole Civil War thing worthwhile, the intrigue and mystery as well as the excellent and interesting character development in this comic series is astounding. Brit # 2 was a comic I already owned, but got again by mistake. Nevermind that though, this series is interesting enough that based on that one comic issue I have decided to continue to pick up this series on a monthly basis for a while and see where it all leads. Dynam 5 # 7 - what need be said about Dynamo 5 ? Let's just put it this way; in my opinion, this and Thor are the comics of the decade, the can't-miss ones that everybody should own. Speaking of Thor, issue 3 came in my order. Again, I was blown away. Thor hasn't looked better since the days of Walt Simonson, and his fight (his whooping of) with Ironman was a classic scene worthy of inclusion in the all-time great comic battles of the century. Gen 13 # 12 also came ot my door; i really admit I have become hooked on the Gen 13 crew, in all of their incarnations. I also got the 25th Anniversary Special of Groo, and it was special to laugh (and groan) again with Groo, everyone's favourite idiot barbarian. JLA Wedding Special # 1 was a lead-up to a comic I purchased last month (Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special # 1), and as such was a good pick-up. I don't do many DC comics, but find it interesting how well-written the characters are, they are not so much superheroes as ordinary people who wear tights! Ms. Marvel # 19 came ot me as well, Ms. Marvel is a character that is truly growing on me, which is why I now collect the Ms. Marvel title monthly. I love the Sleepwalker character, very interetsing, as is Machine Man. Mostly though, I wanna know what the heck is wrong with Carol! Shanna the She-Devil:Survival of the Fittest # 2 was quite interesting, already issue two of this mini-series has thrown a curve ball. I thought I knew where it was going after reading issue 1, but they totally shocked me with all the new stuff they introduced in the second isue. A good read! And World War Hulk number 4. Brutal! Man, I thought the first issue of this mini series was a dud, but since then they have cranked up the power, the brutality, and the storyline. Now I am hooked, and just wish it wasn't all ending with another issue! Man, the chills I got when the Sentry blasted into action - I can't wait, I can't wait! Give me more!


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