Friday, November 13, 2009


Had a fun time tonight. Went to the Post Office at 7pm, then came home and opened up my parcels, to discover a few comic-related goodies...

The fourth and fifth seasons of "The Batman" animated series. Man, do I ever LOVE this series!

Also, got my copy (finally) of "Hulk Vs", featuring the Hulk squaring of against Wolverine, followed by the Hulk facing down Thor. This is gonna!

Also, got my monthly order of comics from the Post Office as well.

Let's see...

I got a book, volume 1 of "The Art Of Greg Horn"

I got a video, some low-budget flick called "Blue Bulleteer; Captured By The Cloak"

I got Teen Titans # 76

I got Groo: The Hogs Of Horder # 1 of 4

I got Dynamo 5 # 25

I got Avengers:The Initiative # 29

I got Abe Sapien - The Haunted Boy

I got Don Bluth Presents Space Ace # 3 of 6

I got Dark Avengers # 10

I got Blackbeard-Legend Of The Pyrate King # 1

I got Vengeance Of The Moon Knight # 2

I got Doom Patrol # 3

And, I got Buckaroo Bonzai # 1

Phew! That is a lot of cool reading I have got ahead of me!



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