Thursday, August 19, 2010

AF Volume I, a series in review by Dredd Sweet (aka Flightpath07)

Alpha Flight.

Different people see it differently.

So, here is my stab at saying what it is that I like about different issues.

The following is my review of the Alpha Flight Volume I series.

It is not lengthy. I tried very hard to keep it short. I decided to forgo pictures of the covers of each issue, at least for now.

I break the series down, ten issues at a time. I assign some basic grades to each issue, and to each group of ten I then give a percentile grade and a letter grade, and then I talk about what I liked (or did not like) about the issues in this group of ten.

I hope you enjoy it. I certainly know that I have enjoyed reading this series, each and every time.

The first of these reviews can be found by clicking the link below. Enjoy!


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