Tuesday, July 05, 2011

mail and other catastrophies

I was going to blog here a few days ago, about how glad i am that the Canadian Postal Workers have been forced back to work by the government, after having been on strike for a few weeks. See, i was thinking that means that maybe my AF Volume 4 issue 1 would be delivered to me soon!

As it so happens, it arrived today, with my April's batch of comics, via UPS delivery.

But...a funny thing happened on its way to me. Canadian Customs got a hold of it. My batch of ten comics cost me $24.84, plus shipping and handling. Customs decided that my ten comics were actually worth $265.18, and billed me accordingly. Yes, you read that right. It just shows that some people don't know what a comic is really worth!

It seems they charged me a $10 brokerage fee, for each and every comic, and that brought the price up rather steeply. So, for my ten cmics worth under $25, Customs charged me $24.46 - either pay it, or never see my comics again! (anybody else think this is actually extortion by the Canadian government? darn that Unity Party!)

Anyways, looking forward to reading my issue of Alpha Flight Volume 4, # 1, which i shall do shortly. Stay tuned here for a comprehensive review, in the next day or two.

Long live The Flight!


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