Friday, June 03, 2011

Remember the Defenders?

The Defenders were always my favourite super team, outside of Alpha Flight. They were mystical, fantastic, and they were unknown enough by mainstream heroes that they were always good for an occasional dust-up fight with the Avengers or some other hero or group of heroes.

Anybody remember a few years ago, when Marvel Comics published a mini-series entitled The Last Defenders ? Supposedly, it was the last gasp effort to revive a new Defenders team, and of course it failed miserably (it was planned to fail, as that was how the mini-series was written).

Well, remember how Marvel Comics also published Omega Flight, saying it was the very last chance for Alpha Flight to succeed in a series (then down-graded it to a mini-series before it even came out!)? Yes, even though it wasn't Alpha Flight, they said it was Alpha Flight's last chance to succeed.

Well, I am predicting, here and now, that within three years, we will see a new Defenders team hit the shelves, one led by Doctor Strange and probably featuring Gargoyle, Hellcat, and Nighthawk, among others; possibly even the Hulk.

There is no LAST TIME/LAST CHANCE in comics. Each day is a new day.

Marvel; bring back the Defenders.


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