Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Need

Just feeling the need to get a few thoughts and musings out of my head, before the release of Alpha Flight 0.1 ...

Lots of interviews by the creative team right now, too many to follow. All of them good, though!

My thought 1: Gary Cody. Fred Van Lente suggests he is acting strangely. Well, Gary was brain dead, for the most part. So, isn't it probable that the hints FVL has been dropping about Hercules bringing back a few other people from the dead, likely mean that Gary's body has been invaded by somebody else's soul and mind? It is Gary Cody's body walking around, but inside is somebody who was dead, soembody who hates Alpha Flight...hm. Jerry Jaxon, anybody?

My thought 2: They have hinted that Puck is in the basement of the Department H building. But they have also hinted that he is in Hell, and unavailable to them. All misdirection. In the Department H building, is Puck's body, preserved since he died. The means to bring him back, at some point.

That's all for now! Stay tuned, though!


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