Friday, May 06, 2011

Lotsa New News!!!!!!

First up, let me direct you to the newest Marvel Podcast, featuring Pak and Van Lente talking about Alpha Flight:

Note To Self: Take out the trash.

Next up, there has been a tonne of artwork released in the last little while. Alpha Flight 0.1 is being released...sometime very soon, this month even!

Note To Self: Remove my "note to self".

Here is some of Ben Oliver's artwork, the artist for the 0.1 issue.

Note To Blog Readers (and Self!): As you can plainly see, Kara Killgrave, now known as Purple Woman, is most definitely 'behaving badly', and seems to be working with the fascist government against Alpha Flight. Naughty naughty, Kara! (Naughty naughty, she's a purple hottie!)

Note To Anybody At All: Kara seems to have absconded Kyle, Northstar's boyfriend, into a giant conglomeration of stacked and smooshed people turned purple. This appears to make Northstar angry. Considering that Pak and Van Lente say Northstar is the main character, I'd say that gives him reason to go off the deep end and go hard after the new Canadian government to get his lover back; either he goes in with (metaphorical) guns blazing, or (more likely) he ends up working for them to save Kyle's life.

Note To Nobody In Particular (Please Oh Please Do NOT Read This!): The new government team, the one tasked with going after the traitorous Alpha Flight, we know that Purple Woman seems to be on it (perhaps even leading it?). We know that Northstar may betray Alpha Flight to save Kyle. We know that the ensuing custody battle between Mac and Heather and "whoever has their baby" (either Heather's parents, or the Canadian government) may cause Heather to betray the team for the sake of her child. And we know that Shaman has hardly been mentioned by the creative team at all, which is odd. And that Puck, who is seemingly not counted as an Alpha Flight member by Pak and Van Lente, has been "changed" by his recent time in Hell, and does definitely appear in this series; but on which side?

Following (as in, below) are some art images from artist Dale Eaglesham, who takes over Alpha Flight after issue 0.1 (with issue 1, to be released on June 8th of 2011):

Note To The Aliens Inside My Right Nostril: There is way to much artwork here, too much of it blindingly amazing in its breath-taking richness and the fullness of the detail, to even begin to discuss right now; although, I may take a stab at it in the next few days. Or, I may just wait until the actual comic comes out...we'll see.

Note To My Psychotherapist: Dear Carrot-Top, I hope you are well (rot in hell!), I am completely over my psychosis now (invertebrates rule!), so go away (is it okay if I pay you in Venetian Rubles?). Sincerely, the not crazy anymore guy.

We also know that the new Canadian team is called Alpha Strike. I am betting that Tigerstryke is on it, perhaps as its leader. Seems to make sense, given the team name and all.

Something else you may have noticed. ATTUMA! Cool! I thought something smelled fishy...

Well, that is all for now from me. So, let me put this question out to y'all; anybody else excited to read and purchase this series?


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