Friday, May 20, 2011

picture, etc

First, sharing this cool Alpha Flight computer wallpaper with y'all:

Next, just a few thoughts on a few Marvel comics;

Feat Itself, issue # 1, was actually fairly decent. I don't see myself buying the whole mini-series, but as far as first issues go, it was intriguing.

Looking forward to the "Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt" mini-series. I was a huge fan of the Avengers Initiative series, and especially some of the characters that came out of it. And since Thor Girl and Komodo will be in Youth In Revolt, how could I NOT be looking forward to picking it up? The Initiative gave Marvel the chance to create some great new young heroes; usually these types were previously only seen in X-Men titles.

Got to admit it; even though i do not know why, the Thunderbolts series keeps hooking me into buying it. I guess I just love villains that are on the verge of becoming more heroic!

And, Avengers Academy is another Marvel product that I seem to keep buying lately. Well, I AM a HUGE Tigra fan, and she is part of the teaching staff there, so...can you blame me?

I'm glad Marvel is using Moon Knight. But, I am not at all happy to learn that he is being used as a brutal psychotic again. NOT GOOD.

That's it for now. Still anxiously awaiting my snail-mail Alpha Flight 0.1 ...


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