Saturday, June 18, 2011

coupla answers

A big thank-you to “Ahab” at, who asked these questions and got the answers…

FYI - Some answers from the creators:

1. When Aurora shrugged off Citadel, was she just moving her hand at top speed to shake up/damage his arm within the adamantium or was she using the power shown in the Weapon X series where she could actually increase the velocity of another object? There has been a little debate as to what occurred in that situation.

The former.

2. I always assumed that the Hudsons knew that Gary Cody had been killed by Bedlam. I admit that I can't remember if this was ever acknowledged in the series though. Is it safe to assume that they didn't know, hence why they are not bothered that he is running for office? Or are they just resigned to the fact that other dead people have returned to the land of the living as well, such as Citadel?

These, along with a couple other niggling continuity things, are generally ignored so newbies aren't completely lost. We want to introduce as many new fans as we can to the Flight without them requiring a PhD in Flightology. For one thing, if memory serves, Bedlam didn't kill Cody, he rendered him brain dead. But to answer your question directly -- more the latter. The Hudson (particularly Mac) have come back from the dead themselves, along with Marrina and Shaman, the return of Cody, to them, is not hugely noteworthy.


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