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A few quotes from a guy I got to briefly talk with on the Alpha Waves Forum, Stuart Vandal who works for Marvel Comics (he writes for Marvel Handbook).

The ending of (Alpha Fight)Volume 3 is canon ("true") - whether we or you like a series or not, we don't get to discount it on grounds of personal taste or because we judge it of poor quality.
We (the Marvel Handbook writers) did ask around the time of Vol. 3 ending if it was to be considered an accurate account of what happened to Alpha (e.g. if the flashforward was showing what definitely happened to the characters, or if it was a kind of potentially changeable premonition). We were told to treat it as having happened.
When no one had any plans for Alpha, then I presume the decision was to maintain the last known status quo until someone wants to use them, at which point we'll see what bits they want to use.
When Alpha bit the bullet we again asked how to handle this when writing character entries for some of those seen.We were told as early as the Guardian entry that it was the "real" Alpha who had been in the fight with the Collective; by the time I wrote Puck's entry we had confirmation that the temporal duplicates had gone home.
Since part of the point of Omega Flight is that Canada has lost some of its greatest heroes, they don't want people going "luckily we have some Xeroxes to replace them", and explaining it in that title (at least for now) would confuse new readers and slow down the main story.
Since the Handbooks were doing some Alpha entries, we were in a position to be used to clarify this. That's not to say the whole duplicate thing is forgotten; it happened, and its still there to be further explained in a non-Handbook title,if/when someone wants to do so.
I've been lucky enough to read the first couple of Omega Flight scripts (as they pertained to an entry for an upcoming Handbook), and I have to say, quite honestly, I really liked them. Understand that I am a huge fan of using continuity(unsurprising, given the stuff I write), but I am also very aware that said usage can either be done well so that it complements and enhances the story, or poorly.From the scripts I've read, Oeming falls very much into the former category - there are some nice touches in there that show he both knows his old Alpha history, and that he can use it subtly enough not to turn off new readers while simultaneously adding depth for those who read earlier volumes. I think you'll like it.

And here is something that I surmised while posting on the Alpha Waves Forum myself...

If he was the one in the Guardian suit, why would Hudson change the team's name? Do you think he would have gone all suicidal? I believe that if he survived, Mac is now retired, for good.
Here is a thought!
Maybe Mac DID survive. Maybe he is going to be their Govt liaison! I really cannot believe that, with all the various troubles Mac had with how he viewed his own leadership skills from time to time, that he would be able to watch his team get slaughtered and then put the suit back on and go to work...
No, right now I am betting that Mac DID survive. Probably hurt pretty bad, maybe so much so that even if he WANTED to put the suit on, he couldn't. Think wheel-chair bound, or something. That could be why the team was named Omega Flight - as far as Mac is concerned, his time as Guardian is DEAD, finished, done - dead, just like Omega Flight tried to make him in issue 12 of volume 1.
And maybe Mac himself has a hand in picking his new successor.
Maybe some people are right, maybe the suit has more power now, and that is why it is smoking. Or maybe it is so busted up, that it is malfunctioning after the 'battle' with the Collective?
Still think it is Kyle "Weapon Omega" Gibney in the suit.
But here is to thinking Mac is still around, just not very well physically or emotionally. The suit allowed him to survive, but it hurt him bad. So too has he been hurt by the death of his teammates, and his wife. And now he has a child to raise by himself. Any wonder that he doesn't want to risk his life in the Guardian suit again?
Any thoughts on this hypothesis?
Maybe THIS is the big secret regarding who is in the suit. Not so much that somebody else is in it, but that Mac is alive but retired from super-heroing, yet still with the team in some capacity...


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