Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Angry Again

First off, here is the cover for the first issue of Omega Flight, due out in April. Also, some coloured artwork.

Now, go look at the cover pic really closely. See why I am angry? Yes, i am sure that you do. Issue 1 of 5, it says. Yes, you may have heard it here first, but here you have indeed heard it - it is NOT an ongoing series, it is a mini-series. Marvel pulled the plug; the Yankees screwed over us Canadians again. Never, never, never trust a Yankee. Never.

Here are two quotes, taken direct from the Marvel website - so far, this is all they have to say...

A trio of spin-off launches rocket out of April as the new ongoing, postAnnihilation NOVA series kicks off and two mini-series, LONERS and OMEGA FLIGHT, spin-out of RUNAWAYS and CIVIL WAR respectively.

The Story: From the pages of CIVIL WAR: THE INITIATIVE comes Canada’s newest super hero team! But this is not your father’s FLIGHT. Bold and daring, OMEGA FLIGHT is the best 5-issue series you’ll EVER read. 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99 In Stores: 2007-04-0

Also, this was posted today on a message board, apparently by Mike Oeming himself ...
Marvel wasnt lying, this only happened about 3-4 weeks ago. I couldnt say anything about it, which was horribly painful knowing how excited people had gotten. I'll have some sort of official statement tomorrow.

And...I have nothing more to say. Except for one thing - BOYCOTT MARVEL COMICS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Suck!

Okay, a few more things to add (now that I have calmed down enough to see the keyboard again through my haze of red fury!)
Firstly, here is something off of the AlphaFlight.net messsage boards that i am reprinting here, as it is such a great and articulate posting. Much better than i could/can do , under these trying circumstances...

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 3:41 am Posted by Mukole

I doubt anything is clear to Mr. Oeming yet. I doubt they have offered him and Mr. Kolins another title already. They asked to do Alpha Flight, they asked to do Omega Flight, they got what they wanted and then Quesada pulled the rug out from under them for no good reason. Sorry, but there is no good reason for the shortcutting. Neither Oeming nor Kolins is dying or sick, neither has asked to kill the book. Quesada made the obtuse call, he has to explain himself and try and pass off that it's either:
a) a trial run, if it sells well it will become an ongoing again, he got cold feet (A crock, but a crock he uses often)
b) a decision made to see interest but no plans for an ongoing, he never said it was an ongoing, he never 'lied'
c) a late decision due to some stupid-butt lie about some stupid-butt idea.

Bendis said great things, Millar said great things, Quesada said we'd be thrilled, Brevoort said it was ongoing, Schmidt said it would be great, Oeming and Kolins were pumped. Quesada lied. People will say that "Well, they have to test the waters". BS. Like with Trash Excalibur, or Runaways (which sold terribly but was kept on the schedule for months by Quesada), or She-Hulk which sold as poorly as Lobdell Flight. He doesn't like Alpha Flight and never has. Maybe he's not alone at Marvel about that (but who beyond Brevoort would be on his side? Not Cebulski, Alonso, or Schmidt, Bendis, Millar,....who?).
Screw all the lame-butt excuses. They lied to us and lied to us I have no reason to believe they won't lie again. Quesada will simply say it's economics and pass the buck, no truthful explanation that he hates AF and doesn't want it to sell well.
It was Quesada who told J. Torres to take a flying leap after AF had been greenlit. It was Quesada who hired Lobdell and told him to turn AF into Tellytubbies. He greenlit the death of AF, off-panel. He knew what he was doing. He tried to deflect critism by saying "hey, don't fear, great things are in the works". Then Bendis and Millar convinced him to go with Omega Flight, and Quesada waited until he felt that he could get away with the pre-emptive cancelling.
Oeming and Kolins and Schmidt are trying to work out an ongoing, maybe Bendis and Millar are on their side. Whoever can, post at their boards and see what they say, do they enjoy being made fools of?
Will I buy Omega Flight? Probably, but I'd like assurances of it turning ongoing again, really fast, like Quesada said it was. If Quesada says, "Oh, hum and haw, it's a mini and deal with it, I need space for another She-Hulk title" then I will
return to hating Marvel again. Publicly.
I've told Quesada: I won't buy Marvel anymore. I buy DC because they don't lie. I would buy Omega Flight, the ongoing, but you cancelled it already. My kids don't buy
Marvel. I don't use Marvel characters in class but DC characters as teaching points. Because I like good comics, I like Alpha Flight, I was pumped for Omega Flight, and you screwed us. Your company doesn't want my money, my kids' money, my students' money. That's a lot of money. Sucks to be you.
See what news we get. 5 issues and then back to bastardization?

Now...drum-roll please...
Writer Mike Oeming steps to the mic and faces the music. Is this all his fault? No, no it definitely is not. Yet he is the one left holding the bag publicly and talking to those who care. Why? Because he cares enough about Alpha Flight, Omega Flight, and Canadian (and others around the world) fans of both, to step forward and talk to all of us irate and upset and devastated people. Mike Oeming, you have my props.
So, without further ado, taken from the AlphaFlight.net message boards (if you haven't seen this site, you really need to go and see it, it is beautiful - go, go NOW!), here he is with his words of doom...

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:32 am Post subject: My Omega Flight "statement"
By Oeming, Omega Flight Writer

Hey guys, just posted this on my board, thought I should personally post this here as well. You have all been a great support and Im sorry for any disapointment you may be feeling. Just hang in there, help spread the word and lets see if we can get the book going monthly.
Okay, not much of a statement to be made as people have already culled together small quotes from here and there and dissected them already.
Basically, yes, Omega Flight has been trimmed to a five issue mini with the express possibility of becoming an ongoing should sales warrant. I understand Marvel's move as the Flight books have never performed well in the past and it has always been a cult book. There are several books being spun out of Civil War, and Marvel simply doesn't want to flood the market, so Omega Flight and a few others will have to prove themselves.
I still have a great relationship with Marvel, Scott and I are still putting everything we have into the series and we still have a story worth telling. The best way to see Omega Flight become a series is to PRE ORDER the book. There is simply no better way to support a title.
Updates can be tracked by joining my e-mail newsletter at oeming@aol.com
Mike Avon Oeming


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