Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How Many Canadians?

Here is a quote of interest, for those of you who did not bother to click the link and read the whole interview.

"I can't go into the cast, but needless to say there are Canadians on the team. I get the very distinct impression that Canada laughs at how seriously we US citizens take ourselves. I think that will be an element in the book for sure. Honestly, without knowing who's even in the cast, how could someone even begin to determine the level of 'Canadianism' in it?"
Oeming was also quick to add, "In the long run, I think Canadians will love it because the contrast between Americans and Canadians is the best way to explore both cultures. I understand the knee-jerk reaction to the cast, but I think a few issues in will clear that all up. Why so few Canadians? At this point, there are three on or working with the team, although in the promo image we only see one."

Anybody know what to make of that?
Two things come to mind...
Firstly, if there are three Canadians on or working with the team (we are talking Omega Flight here, for those of you a little slow to catch on...), but we only see one, then who are the other two?
Secondly, if we only see one Canadian in the preview picture, then either (a) that is not Talisman that we see pictured on the far-left, or (b) whoever is in the Guardian suit is not a Canadian!
Anybody have any thoughts or comments?


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