Monday, January 29, 2007

Who Leads The Flight?

Who is this man?

And who will lead Omega Flight?

The shocking answer to be revealed here! Read on!

Is the man in the Guardian suit James MacDonald "Mac" Hudson? As recently proposed, is it Walter Langkowski?
Or have too many people missed the most obvious of clues, and been led down the wrong path?

In one interview given in September 06 by Oeming, we get these three interesting tidbits.
- "There will be plenty of original (surviving) Alpha Flight cast popping up."
- The name Omega Flight was once used by a group of villains who fought Alpha Flight, which isn't a coincidence. Oeming said we'll see that addressed "a bit."
- "Why so few Canadians? At this point, there are three on or working with the team, although in the promo image we only see one."

In a September 06 Kolins interview, he is asked "Is that Guardian, Vindicator? Is it James Hudson, or someone else?" He responds, "It’s the Guardian/Vindicator outfit that’s for sure "[laughs].
In same interview, he mentions "I haven’t read all the 90’s stuff, but I’ve read the Byrne stuff a million times. Alpha Flight 1 – 28, X-men 109, 120,121, 139 & 140 are my Alpha Flight bible."

"The new Alpha Flight series will be manned by American heroes who have moved to Canada as a result of the government legislation enacted in the 'Civil War' megacrossover." This quote comes from April of 2006.

Also, and i cannot remember where i saw this, but there was previously some discussion that an obscure superhero named Omega the Unknown was making a comeback in 2007 as the leader of Omega Flight. Thankfully, this rumour was put to rest, but everybody seems to have missed out on the obvious clue therein!

Drumroll please...

Your man in the Guardian suit, your leader of Omega Flight, is none other than former Alpha Flight leader, former member of Gamma Flight, the American hero who has worked for the Canadian government and owes them a big debt, the one, the only, the now-depowered...

Kyle Gibney!

Kyle Gibney, formerly known as Wild Child, owes the Canadian government a big debt. When the Secret Empire collapsed as Wyre tried to kill all of those who had been experimented on, it was the Canadian government who stepped in and saved Kyle. Later, they hauled him out of prison and gave him a job with Gamma Flight. At one point, he even got to step up and be Alpha Flight's leader for a while, calling himself Wildheart, and battling none other than the Wrecking Crew.
He also owes the Collective, as he has now been de-powered. Which explains him wearing the Guardian suit.
Also, he once went by the codename Weapon Omega. Weapon Omega leading Omega Flight helps to explain the name too, now doesn't it?
He has strong ties to Alpha Flight, as he feels guilt over having attacked them several times as part of the evil Omega Flight that 'killed' James Hudson. He also has dated Aurora, and, as stated already, led Alpha Flight as it's leader for a time.

He is also an American. In the promo image, we only see ONE Canadian. That one Canadian is obviously Talisman. Therefore, the man in the Guardian suit has to be American, which means he must have a pretty good reason for wearing the Canadian flag as an American. Well, Kyle Gibney has that all covered, now doesn't he?

My only unknown on this - does that mean that although he is in the Guardian suit, he won't be called Guardian or Vindicator, but Weapon Omega again?...

The premise for this idea (Kyle Gibney in the Guardian suit) was first blogged here on this site in October of 2006. However, it was not until yesterday that i finally put all the pieces together and found that they fit more perfectly than i had even originally thought.

All i can say is ...

Long live The Flight!


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