Monday, January 29, 2007

thoughts for now

it is late at night, so my brain is kinda fuzzy. i have been reading various Flight message boards and the like, and came across some stuff.

first, this link to a (short-ish but) great interview with Oeming.

Next, have a few newer artistic works that i will post as well, down the page a bit. Before that, just gotta mention some things i am (fuzzily) pondering.
I am not sure HOW , but it seems that the man in the Guardian suit will be Walter Langkowski.
How this works, i still do not know. Because we see that he fights the Wrecking Crew as Sasquatch. But that previous hint (just remembered thanks to being reminded of it on the message boards) about the guy in the Guardian suit having played the sport with the oblong shaped ball (misquote, but it is something close to that), leads me to believe that it is none other than former pro-quarterback Walter.
Does he lose his Sasquatch powers? Does he incorporate them into the suit? Must he give up his powers for some reason, or stop using them?
And how pissed is he about seeing AF die around him, and taking several months to recover himself? I mean, come on, looks like he is drinking himself to death?!
Just because it was mentioned in an interview that there was a football player, does NOT necessarily mean that was in reference to the man in the Guardian suit. Sasquatch's includence in Omega Flight was an unknown at that time, so it could have been more of a hint in that direction.
If that is the case, who is in the Guardian suit?
Answer : i have said it before, and i'll say it again...Kyle Gibney, once known as Wild Child. Slightly short of stature (as the new Guardian appears to be - by the way, here is me guessing that "Guardian" is not what this character is called - just a hunch), he has links to Walter Langkowski, he has been depowered, and apparently has damaged vocal chords and is now mute. Also a former lover of Aurora. Seems that he has a lot to be angry about , and a lot to be sad about as well. A very emotional person, and also very brutal. If anything is truly known about the Omega Flight team, it is that they will deal with the supernatural a lot. If you look at their team, they have strong and angry personalities for the most part, people with a lot of power. I bet they get in some pretty brutal and messy fights! Cool!

Want more proof that Gibney is the new Guardian? Check out this link
and note Weapon Omega he led Alpha Flight for a time. He changed his name and revealed his new persona in a battle with...the Wrecking Crew! He also has links to the Canadian government.
Are you on-baord with my theory now? Kyle Gibney is Guardian!

By the way, I know a few days back i promised to give you the short versions of that last batch of interviews. Sorry...isn't gonna happen. Read the long ones, or don't read 'em, it's your choice. I don't have the time to do that right now... :-(

Oh, here are those pics I promised. Sorry if there're any repeats here...


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