Friday, March 30, 2007


Today was payday. So, I took a walk downtown and picked up the Marvel Spotlight Civil War:Aftermath issue.

A good read, very interesting.

Now, on to the Omega Flight goodies...

in the interview with Michael Avon Oeming (writer) and Scott Kolins (artist), we learn...
- Talisman and U.S. Agent run the team.
- Julia Carpenter (Arachne) and her daughter Rachelle are looking forward to life in Canada.
- John Walker and Julia Carpenter have a history together (Force Works team) that allows them to get over their differences on superhero registration.
- only minor flashbacks are in the works for Beta Ray Bill at this time.
- the death of Alpha Flight has drawn Sasquatch and Talisman very close together.
- Scott and Mike have tons of cool ideas for Sasquatch, that they hope to use when this mini becomes an ongoing.
- both Mike and Scott pitched separate ideas to Marvel about another Alpha Flight series, but were both turned down.
- Scott still hopes to one day have a series telling old untold stories of the original Alpha Flight team.
- Mike says he did talk to John Byrne about using Talisman and Sasquatch.

- Spotlight: Are any other "Flights" running around that we need to know about? Is Alpha Flight still intact and, say, taking care of Alberta or Manitoba or something? Or is Omega Flight currently the only group of heroes in the Canadian scene?
Michael: I don't know my full Latin, so there could be...
Scott: Wait, didn't Bendis kill Alpha Flight? I thought I heard that?
Spotlight: Ahhh...cagey answers! I like it!

- Michael: Hey, if they (the fans) want to see more, let's just make sure they pre-order the book. Solid numbers is what we need. If the support is there, it's there and we get to do more. If not, it's not the end of Omega or Alpha Flight. Remember, it's Marvel, where Hell has an open door policy.


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