Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News, Evidence, And Excitement

Below are three direct quotes from Civil War:Battle Damage Report. The Italics have been added by me, to highlight somethign both exciting and extraordinary...

Read on, true believer!

Making matters worse, several key members of Canada's government-sponsored super-team Alpha Flight (the group that would normally respond to such a potential crisis) seemingly perished during a confrontation with the Collective months ago, leaving the nation virtually defenseless.

...many of Alpha Flight's members attempted to confront him...few survived. With the majority of Alpha Flight gone...

One of the few survivors of the Original Alpha Flight, brilliant biophysicist Sasquatch can transform into the form of his namesake.

Question - Does this really sound like ONLY Sasquatch survived the battle with the Collective, Postman Mike, the new Guardian? I...Think...Not!

In other news, I am most excited about future comics-reading today. As of today, my batch of 65 Alpha Flight Volume 1 and 2 comics that I ordered from E-Bay should have gone into the mail system.
Also, very soon now my first batch of comics ordered through my online comicbook shop should be ready to ship to me - these include The Essential Defenders Volume 1 Trade Paperback, Gen 13 Starting Over Trade Paperback, The Justice Society Volume 1 Trade Paperback, The Justice Society Returns Trade Paperback, and two issues of Omega Flight # 1.

I think i died and went to comic book heaven!


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