Saturday, March 10, 2007

"Civil War:The Initiative" breaks the silence on The Man In The Suit

Civil War:The Initiative came out recently, and dropped the bomb on AF fans.

What's the big deal?

Well, the story told us that Mike Pointer (aka Mike the Mailman, aka the mailman from Alaska USA, aka the killer of Alpha Flight) is the guy in the Guardian suit!

Also, it informed us that all of Alpha Flight, except for Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch) are definitely dead.

Here is what I wrote on the AlphaWaves Forum about this...

Well, let me just first comment on the lead topic here - that being, Mike the Mailman is in the Guardian suit.

In my viewpoint, this sucks.

I still plan on buying this series...but if i do not like the direction it is taking, i will no longer be ordering more than one copy of each issue, as previously planned.

I respect Mike Oeming, due to the interviews with him that I have read. But he is REALLY going to have to "wow" me to win me over now. God bless him, I hope he does "wow" me.

Let's be honest. This is NOT an Alpha Flight sequel. It is NOT an Alpha Flight book. Not at all. It is Omega Flight. I wish they had called it "Team Omega", I am somewhat miffed that they even waylaid the "Flight" part of the name a tiny bit.

Somebody in the suit who is not a Hudson? Not a Canadian? Not a member, or former-member, of Alpha Flight? Again, IMHO, not a good move.

I understand, somewhat, why this was done. But I still do not like it, and do not respect it. Not at all.

Respect. There is that word again. If this series does not find a way, in it's paltry number of issues, to do some real homage to AF, to find a way to make this Alpha-lover's heart soar again, then i sincerely hope it dies a nasty and silent death...and then somebody, somewhere down the line, says "Hey, why don't we bring back Alpha Flight!" Respect. All i want is some real respect and decency shown to my favourite heroes. So far, nothing. I need for you to "Wow" me, Mr Oeming, if you can...

Since this is not Alpha Flight...I sure do hope that Sasquatch does not join them. I do not mind if he is in the mini-series, but I hope at the end that he goes his own way. This is not his team. This is not AF. Sasquatch has been a member of AF since the beginning, a member through all three incarnations/volumes. Talisman...OF can have her. She was only a part-time, sometimes member of AF in volume 1, and she was not even present in the other two series. She is not really an AF member, so OF can have her. Doesn't matter to me. But they cannot have my Sasquatch to keep! Never!

Mike the Mailman in the suit...only an American with no understanding of what AF means/meant to this country would dare to do something that assinine.
(My apologies to all Americans who love AF for that comment...)


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